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    ugh, i know that these books are like really superficial and stuff but i find them truly hilarious because these girls are so incredibly over the top and so incredibly snobby that it makes me laugh out loud, so i can t wait for the next one

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    Everyone is finally starting to grow up and branch out I do feel bad for Massie, because it s really not obvious to anyone but herself, and maybe Claire, how hard she actually works to keep her friends on top, but I know they ll all get back together It was also weird though how little of Claire there was in this story I think she maybe had like, 15 lines of dialogue It focused mostly on Kristen and Dylan, which was new and fresh, so I didn t mind, but I hate that the books really only focus on 2 or 3 girls at a time, when there s 5 in the group Claire, though What a good friend Honestly I m glad that Massie is finally seeing that I get the whole loyalty thing, too, because I m the same way, but it s nice to see that she s definitely maturing.

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    Being a Claire and Cam fan, I didn t like how the main character typically Claire had changed to the evil ruler, Massie I have a hate love relationship with how she figures out her own evil personality, decides to do something about it, but then decides that if the world doesn t like it, they could just be on their own This would be a great moral, but Massie is one of those girls I would never speak to, due to her incredible rudeness, especially to her own friends I m really happy though that Dylan gets a guy, who suits her perfectly Too bad Massie can t get over that it s her ex, but I guess, we can t all win our wars.It s about darn time that Alicia pulls away from Massie Let someone with some sort of brains be the leader if there is to be a leader of a particular group or middle school girls.Kristen s boy problems are pretty sad That s all I can say about that.I m just surprised by the fact that Claire and Cam went to Massies pool party It shows Claires character, which I value the most out of just about anybody else in The Clique series.I find these books super addicting, can t help but admit it, but at the same time I hate the very basis of it The Clique series is my personal placebo to drama, because I try to pull myself away from that as much as possible now.

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    The next book in the clique series,the leader of the pretty Committee,Massie Block is faced with some major challenges this year The 5 of them have gone through some tough times and now it seems even tougher.Some one is with Derrington,or Derrick,Massie s ex This turns out to be Dylan and Alicia is the one to see them together Alicia hangs it over Dylan s head for some good gossip points,while Dylan waits to be found out,wishing Massie would release her hold on him Dylan knows that Massie never respected Derrick, Derringtion s real name and knows that she won tlet him go with this other girl until he gets Dempsey,the LBR gone cool.Claire s best friend,Layne,also has a crush on him and tries to get her secret BFF Kristen member of the PC to help her get him Massie and Layne fight for Kristen s help while she has some major love issues also In the end,Massie realizes that Claire and Cam have been good and true friends for her all the time She decides to pick a new PC,for a new year Frsh start Amazing book.

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    It made me really upset that Dylan had a crush on derrington and how they end up going out Your not supposed 2 do that 2 ur friends It especially made me sad that clique broke up in the end

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    Probably in almost every school there s always a group of people who may be better known amongst the students of their school or in other words popular At Briarwood Octavian Country Day School, the Pretty Committee would be that group of people Massie Block, Kristen Gregory, Dylan Marvil, Alicia Rivera, and Claire Lyons who ve always stayed on top even when there were obstacles, so what will happen when Alicia decides that she wants to be the leader of the Pretty Committee and not Massie Or when Dylan has a crush on someone she s not suppose to, one of the Pretty Committee s ex boyfriend Or also when Kirsten has to choose between her two best friends Oh and what will happen to Massie the Pretty Committee s alpha as she and Claire watch the Pretty Committee fall apart This is P.S I Loathe You, a Clique novel by Lisi Harrison, the 1 New York Times bestselling series I found this to be the best book of the entire Clique series It s entertaining, full of drama and thrilling There are a lot of things in the book that a reader would be able to connect to Like liking someone but not sure weather or not they like you back Or having to choose between two things and knowing that choosing one thing would probably hurt the other Throughout the book, it has made me laughed and relate to each of the characters I would recommend this book to teens that enjoy books about friendship and romance Once you begin reading this book, it ll keep you flipping the pages till you ve completely finished the entire 208 pages of the book Read P.S I Loathe You by Lisi Harrison whenever you get he chance, you won t regret it.

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    The Pretty Committee has officially ended its boy fast, and Massie Block is crushing her way into Dempsey Solomon s heart What she has to do urgently is make her ex jealous Just to make matters worse, one of Massie s BFFs starts crushing on Derrington, Derrick Herrington her ex And she also finds out that LBR Loser Beyond Repair Layne Abeley, is crushing on that same guy Things start getting really messed up while the PC is lovesick So, to make sure that she is the one that wins Dempsey s heart, she start BOCD s first ever cheerleading squad She does this just because Derrington s injured and Dempsey s going out to substitute his goalie spot Will she win Dempsey s heart with the cheerleading squad, or will the Pretty Committee fall apart before she even gets a chance I liked this book because it shows what kind os sacrifices friends have to do for each other Sometimes, other stuff gets in the way It shows what a true alpha Massie Block does to gain confidence when something happens The book has some tender moments and some feelings of dislike sort of like the title All the PC wants is to have a soul mate and a close place in the Pretty Committee, without hurting anyone s feeling s.

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    PS I Loath You, is the tenth book of the clique series Unlike other books dealing with pointless and tacky comebacks and climbing their social status, this time the plot is realistic and had grabbed my attention The character named Massie has been the leader of the clique for long period of time but happens if her friends are of sick of it As she enjoys controlling others, she abuses her power She uses her friends just to steal the spotlight in cheerleading and to stop them to not surpass her Soon her guilt was eating her, she looks back on her action on what horrible things she had done to her friends, but is it too late to apologize Later on Kristen, Alica, and Dylan has chosen their separate paths and thinking their leader was a burden Leaving Massie with her true friend, Claire This is one of the books I enjoyed cause every page kept me excited even if the reading level is below mine, I still thought it was great how the author did something new by turning the main characters against each other Also how it gave a message to the readers that no matter how much you enjoy like something and when you indulge it you soon regret doing it.

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    First of all this book is extremely suspenseful Second of all, when you start reading it you won t stop until you fall asleep which is not going to happen because you ll never get bored with this one This was the second the clique book that I read, and it was better times ten than Charmed and Dangerous This book was so helpful to me since what happened to Kristen happened to me when I was reading this book My friends love me so much but they hate each other and each one wants me with her So I kept on doing what Kristen kept on doing avoiding them The problem is that whatever Kristen wasn t going to work with my friends at all There was this last part, when Kristen talked to Dempsey for Massie and Layne, that made me scream literally because I didn t expect it at all It was like you re running away from a bomb and then BOOM It just hit me Again I recommend this book for everyone because I bet that everybody will like and ah dore it And by the way, be alert from that part because if it made me scream I don t know what it will do to you

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    Yeah so..I think a bunch of stuff that happened in this book is really dumb Like how instead of MassieClaire s thoughts..it was MassieKristen Dylan s thoughts..and that Dylan got Derrington..soooo messed up.

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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • P.S. I Loathe You
  • Lisi Harrison
  • English
  • 07 August 2019
  • 9780316006811

About the Author: Lisi Harrison

Lisi Harrison is the author of the 1 New York Times best selling series The Clique , Alphas , Monster High, Pretenders, and her first adult novel The Dirty Book Club out 10.10.17 Lisi was born in Toronto, Canada, and lived in NYC for 15 years while she worked at MTV She now lives in Laguna Beach, CA and is a member or her own Dirty Book Club.