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    I expected irreverent pictures of nuns in compromising situations What I got was a book that showed nuns having fun in ways not usually associated with nuns The captions were humorous, often plays on words, but nothing that I think would be offensive except to the most conservative Catholics I think this made nuns accessible, showing them to be real people who like to try new things like roller skating, playing ball with kids, and joining carnival games The book had pictures of nuns having fun at conferences or other gatherings with nuns from other monastics you can tell by the different habits they wore I had no idea how many different types of habits and how diverse and elaborate they can be There was an diagram explaining he different parts of the habit and illustrations depicting a few unusual ones complete with the order that wears each The photos were interspersed with humorous asides but again nothing I found sacrilegious For example there was a list with photos of famous nuns in film and TV a list of famous powerful women who would make good nuns for their stalwart attitudes and factoids and statistics about things such as numbers of nuns now compared with a few decades ago and how that compares to the number of Catholics, and the order of nuns that has grown exponentially All in all I was pleasantly surprised, especially since I learned something

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    This is a cute little book that any survivor of Our Lady of Torture and Guilt will enjoy Granted, one may find themselves in the fetal position screaming about penguins after reading, but a couple of Hail Marys should fix that.

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    funny Nuns are human too

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    Collection of jokes and photos which showcase the fun loving, whimsical women beneath the habit.

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    What a hoot Not serious literature by any means, but a rollicking fun hour or so.

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    What can I say, this is a pretty funny little gift book It can be read in a few minutes but I ended up flipping through it about ten times My wife is Catholic and she laughed out loud many times and then went to confession I must admit that during mass the following Sunday that I felt as if they knew the nuns knew Too be honest I made that up, we don t have nuns but we did toss a few extra dollars in the basket A fun adult picture book that makes a great gift.

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    I picked this up at a thrift store thinking it would be just a picture and cute caption book I could chuckle over and pass along It had a little meat than that, all in the humorous vein, but interesting as well.

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    A short and funny gift book about Catholic nuns Some facts are interspersed throughout the pictures adding some information to the chuckles Nothing irreverent here, just fun and some great puns.

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    A light hearted look at Nuns, some great fun It also had tidbits of history and I didn t know despite working for Nuns for nearly two years One of the Nuns I work with actually borrowed the book to me for which I am grateful.

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    And I had fun reading it It was a much needed laugh after a trying day at work.

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