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    This one neededfeels instead of just description to really make it stand out There were times it felt mechanical and checklist driven I liked the first story the best and that added an entire star.

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Enema Bundle 1: Six Dirty Stories download Enema Bundle 1: Six Dirty Stories, read online Enema Bundle 1: Six Dirty Stories, kindle ebook Enema Bundle 1: Six Dirty Stories, Enema Bundle 1: Six Dirty Stories 3a67c6e8e223 AUDIBLE NOW AVAILABLE This Bundle Includes Stories And Includes , Words Of Story Stories Included Cheating Enema Punishment Angel S Enema Humiliation Enema Fixed Crime Enema Fed Jessica S Punishment Enema Spanking Ella WANT A SEQUEL Tell Me Adaoflaherty Gmail WARNING This Story Contains Graphic Sexual Situations And Is Intended For Audiences Years Of Age It Includes A Graphic Description Of ENEMA PUNISHMENT, ENEMA HUMILIATION, BARE BOTTOMED SPANKING, Floor RELEASE Of Enema DOMESTIC DISCIPLINE, SENSUAL ENEMA, Enema PREGNANCY, SEX During Enema, And Enema RELEASE DURING SEX NUTRITIONAL ENEMA, SEX LOSS OF VIRGINITY During Enema GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES, LOSS Of TOILET PRIVILEGES, Here Is As Much Of The Story Descriptions As Could Be Fit In The Space Allowed Cheating Enema Punishment When Caught In A Compromising Position With Her Husband S Brother, The Beautiful, Strong And Willful Hanna Learns That Her Husband S Family Has An Unusual Tradition Given An Ultimatum, She Must Chose Between Allowing Her Marriage To End Or Agreeing To A Life Which Includes Domestic Discipline Starting Immediately It Is A Decision That Has Her Bottom Thoroughly Heated With A Belt While Bent Naked Over Her Husband S Knee While The Object Of Her Desires Watches Her Receive The First Punishment Of Her Life But, Her Husband Is Thorough And It Doesn T Stop There Her Humiliation Continues When She Is Filled With An Enema Followed By A Good, Stiff, Bent Over Reminder Of Who Is Her Husband Angel S Enema Humiliation Determined To Follow Through On His War Time Buddy S One Request To Keep His Sister Safe, Trevor Stalks Down The Beautiful Angel To Teach Her A Lesson About Sneaking Out In The Middle Of The Night Tracking Her Down In A Night Club, He Pulls Her Into The Men S Room For A Thorough Hand On Butt Time Out Followed By A Very Messy And Extremely Humiliating Milk And Molasses Enema The Complete Humiliation That Happens Next Ensures That Angel Will Never Try To Lose Herself To Fun And Debauchery At This Particular Night Club Ever Again Enema Fixed Crime Down To Her Last Few Dollars, Cute As A Button And Nearly Homeless Mandy Just Wants To Get A Few Paints So That She Can Further Her Career As A Starving Artist She Thinks That There S No Harm In Pocketing A Few Art Supplies Until She Gets Caught By The Owners Adonis Nephew, Brant, Who Is Home From College Before The Incredibly Muscular And Sexy Brant Broke Up With His Cheating Girlfriend, She Introduced Him To An Unusual Kink, One That He Now Misses When The Pixie Like Mandy Offers To Do Anything To Avoid Having The Cops Called On Her Petty Thievery, A Twinkle Of Hope Fills Him That He Might Finally Get The Chance To Express His Needs With A Receptive, Albeit Reluctant, New Partner Enema Fed The Good Looking, Athletic And Wildly Popular Kevin Has Been In Love With His Not So Popular, Sweetly Chubby And Virginal Next Door Neighbor Miranda For Several Years