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    I need to preface that the version I read was weird, missing things and had a LOT of type os It was given to me and i m thinking maybe it was an illegal pyrite copy or something There were some parts where they really built up the next section talking about always remembering to send birthday cards or helping your kids stay organized and then it just wasn t there So, I need to find the real version and edit this summary later.uncluttering rules1 when in doubt, throw it out don t save mysterious parts you think you might need one day or leftover screws, etc 2 Use it or Lose it I m going to tell my kids put it away or lose it 3 Store things where you use them and most frequently used items should be easy to get to4 Handle things once don t put it somewhere for now deal with it or put it where it goes 5 recycle it give it to someone else don t recycle it myself just a new project that won t get done 6 pick a number and stick with it if i buy another scarf, i must get rid of one only 1 spare is necessary, etc 7 use a file cabinet i think use a scanner 8 Do something just pick one thing at a time and get going 9 a place for everything and everything in its place10 items on display must either be functional or something you really love looking at11 Do NOW, while it s easy, not later leave a room the way you found it pick up things you drop NOW clean dishes and wipe counters before the dishes get dried on take things upstairs with you when you re goin...

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    First of all, it became clear I had to get a handle on clutter issues before I could really use his book Speed Cleaning That is how I found this book.Now Did I love this book because of how badly I needed it, or was it truly amazing in its own right Either way, I felt it gave me some effective ideas and tools for getting the STUFF of a home under control The happy thing is, now it is weeks later, and it seems to be working I should credit this to the ability this book has to change attitudes about the stuff we hold onto The book clearly dispels, and sometimes rather bluntly, all of the common arguments I might need this someday, they don t make it like this any, so and so gave this to me. Having used all of these arguments myself, I am so happily finding that it feels much, oh so much, better to just let it go.Almost immediately I put to use the tips on using your hot zone storage effectively I was storing our extra lightbulbs in a hot zone Right in the upstairs hallway AND they had a front row seat on that shelf But how often do we actually need to change a lightbulb I moved them to a sensible location Just with that tip, things are feeling consolidated, orderly, and I love that Yes, you can have a junk drawer, just not one in every room of your house.Part of the book is dedicated to the tools you can use to ...

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    Own.I found the Jeff Campbell trilogy or can only fiction be a trilogy at the local used bookstore for 2 apiece His Speed Cleaning is the best how to cleaning book I ve read sorry, I don t like Aslett , and Clutter Control was good, as well It is mildly out of date, with sections on investing in a cordless phone and organizing VHS cassette tapes, but the underlying principles are sound.I ve read a lot of organizing housecleaning books now, and it s been awhile since I ve encountered a new idea I think there aren t any new ideas left for me only actually doing the few good ideas each book rephrases and packages differently Clutter Control includes all the basic decluttering and organizing principles that all the good books on the subject are about, but without any personal story or other superfluous packaging This is a to the point, no fluff encapsulation of the essentials, obviously written by a man It would be a good one to start ...

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    My parents gave me this book when I expressed frustration at the clutter in my house I don t think they took too much of its advice to heart, but then, neither have I So every once in awhile, I break this book out and try to de clutter our house Honestly, I think moving does a better job of making me prioritize what s important and get rid of stuff that isn t B...

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    Solid advice Humorously outdated at times, but still worth the short time it took to read.

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    Some good organizing tips in this book to help you on the road to decluttering.

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    Some good ideas but you can tell the book is from the 90 s I don t need to organize my phone books or video tapes.

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    Way back in December, I decided it was time for some big changes to happen, including de cluttering my home This book seemed to be the perfect guide to get my on my way Of course, I checked it from the library, because I didn t want to you guessed it add to my clutter.Most of the big concepts are distilled on the web gathering boxes and labeling them appropriately, asking yourself hard questions about each item you own, accepting that you have autonomy over an item that was given as a present, etc What extras this book offers are a chapter about the psychology of clutter, which was not as fascinating nor interesting as I expected and a ...

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    low 3sa somewhat dated but fairly comprehensive manual on home organization clearly DVDs, CDs, and digital filing systems hadn t been invented yet, so large segments of home office and living room organization are dated and the author is pretty big on selling his own cleaning supplies, so frequent entreaties to buy his stuff were distracting and annoying.even so, his understanding of th...

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    I thought the beginning chapters on the psychological reasons for clutter were the most interesting The actual how to control clutter was, to me, common sense, but a good reminder of what I should be taking the effort to do.