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[Read] ➲ The Great Escape (By Any Other Name #1.5)  By Tia Fielding – Fanfaremedia.co.uk chapter 1 The Great Escape (By Any Other Name #1.5) , meaning The Great Escape (By Any Other Name #1.5) , genre The Great Escape (By Any Other Name #1.5) , book cover The Great Escape (By Any Other Name #1.5) , flies The Great Escape (By Any Other Name #1.5) , The Great Escape (By Any Other Name #1.5) e58223fbd0721 When Their First Holiday Season As A Menage Approaches, Thom Realizes They Ll Have Problems With Skye S Past, Once Again Instead Of Subjecting Their Lover To The Side Effects Of The Holidays, Like Christmas And Christianity, Thom And Dru Decide To Rent A Cabin And Retreat To The Mountains.Their Holidays Might Not Be Typical, But They Are All About What Is Truly Important, With A Little Bit Of Hot Loving Included You Can Download The Story From Goodreads Or Go To Google Docs

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I haven t read the universe this story is from but it s not strictly necessary Thom, Dru and Skye are in a three way relationship Skye has been horribly abused by a religious fanatic Then Christmas rolls around and we all know you can t escape the in your face religiousness of the weeks building up to that holiday Thom and Dru do so...

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    This was a nice glimpse of the triad shortly after the end of By Any Other Name I was happy to Skye healing and that the relationship is strong, with Thom and Dru doing anything they can to help things along I really would like another book for the three to cement their HEA.

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    This was sweet I loved how Thom and Dru are very considerate of Skye s needs I was expecting hot steamy scenes here showing Skye s recovery after a bit but it still seems like part of the first book where he s still exploring inch b...

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    Short and sweet, but oh so enjoyable Skye is definitely making progress I was so proud of him Thom and Dru are very supportive of him I love how Thom cares for his boys She has done well with making a threesome work.I hope she continues to write about these characters I love them and would like ...

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    Sexy boys Part 1.5 to By Any Other Name worth reading

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    Sweet, although not quite the usual Xmas themed story, taking a look at the trio s relationship months down the line It was nice seeing Skye start to come out of his shell.

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    I love this triad I especially enjoy seeing Skye coming out of his shell, I really wish hope there s another full length novel coming out about them

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    More like 3.5 stars

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    Lovely and hot holiday vignette with Skye and Dru and Thom Can t wait until the next book.

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    I can t get enough of these guys.