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The UBS Greek New Testament summary The UBS Greek New Testament , series The UBS Greek New Testament , book The UBS Greek New Testament , pdf The UBS Greek New Testament , The UBS Greek New Testament e27816b197 Features The Bible Text Of The Latest Edition Of The UBS Greek New Testament, Edited By Barbara Aland, Et Al And The Running On Page Greek English Dictionary, Compiled By Barclay M Newman In Addition, It Also Features Textual Notes Compiled By Florian Voss That Provide An Overview Of The Most Important Differences Between Major Greek Manuscripts Other Important Features Include Translation Of All Vocabulary Items Occurring Times Or Less In The New Testament At The Bottom Of Each Page Definitions Of Idiomatic Word Combinations Parsing Of All Difficult Verb Forms Reader Friendly Layout Enabling The Reader To Transfer Easily From Text To Dictionary And Vice Versa Appendix Providing All Vocabulary Items Occurring Than Times In The New Testament Maps From The UBS Greek New Testament Old Testament References In The Margin

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    The font in this book is the best, that and the size of the text It s like a better edition that the reader s Bibles that keep coming out The word per line ratio is perfect in the English side While the rest of the world might not have my problem, I can make myself dizzy searching for the next line in books where a string of words flows for a quarter mile before flowing to the next line.As for the Greek, I m a beginner, a flirt with biblical Greek Some might say a pretender, and that s ok I pretend to know what I m doing, and while I do, a word or phrase will catch me and whisk me to curiosity or prayer The NIV is nice to read in English, but I m caught whether I like it or not next to the Greek As a pretending beginner, a word for word translation is a little easier in navigating the Greek, but the NIV extends a Greek thought some, which is nice on occasion, if I can find where and how it s doing that in the Greek My tribe and denomination is an ESV people I like the ESV and wish the ESV Greek English parallel NT was the size of this book rather than the tome that it is It s the size of this NIV Greek volume that drew me in at first Drew me in and asked me to take it home I did If I only knew what she was saying half the time.

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    So I ve been in the habit the last few years of cycling through the gospel in greek, and I don t see that stopping anytime soon, so i m going to take this off my reading feed The only exception is when our church is preaching through other books of the Bible and I dive in to help out For instance, we re about to turn to James and I m going to join along, even though I translated through it in Seminary that doesn t mean it s fresh and at the front of the mind.

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    My only complaint is that it did not come with UBS5 insert.

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