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[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Protecting the Billionaire ✈ Jason Collins – Fanfaremedia.co.uk chapter 1 Protecting the Billionaire, meaning Protecting the Billionaire, genre Protecting the Billionaire, book cover Protecting the Billionaire, flies Protecting the Billionaire, Protecting the Billionaire 438d7962ba7c3 DAMON Ive Never Been With A Guy, But Jamies Got My Brain And Heart Twisted Up In Knots.The Problem I Dont Do Romance Been There, Done That, Never Should Have In The First Place, Never Will Again Im Divorced, Living In A Cramped Apartment In The Bronx, And Scraping By As A Private Eye After Desk Politics Threw My Detective Career Under The Bus.But When An Old Friend Sends Me A Job Offer With A Salary That Makes My Jaw Drop, How Can I Say No All I Have To Do Is Play Bodyguard For Some Spoiled Billionaire The Only Drawback Rich People Piss Me Off Theyre Entitled, High Maintenance Jerks.Too Bad The Job Pays A Fortune Theres No Way I Can Turn It Down When I Meet Jamie, He Isnt What I Expect Hes Kind Noble, Even Hes Rich As Hell, But He Uses His Money To Do Good Things It Intrigues Me Attracts Me.In A Single Moment, Everything Changes His Hand Touches Mine I Dont Pull Away The Look We Exchange Could Be The Start Of Something.But Ive Got To Be Careful Someone Wants To Hurt Jamie Its Up To Me To Keep Him Safe If I Get Distracted, Even For An Instant, I Could Lose Everything.If Only He Werent So DistractingJAMIE Did Someone Try To Kidnap Me Yes Will It Slow Me Down No.My Security Team Insists I Need A Bodyguard I Have To Admit That Life At The Top Has Been Lonely Lately, But This Isnt How I Thought Id Find A Man To Spend My Time With.I Dont Want My Hand Held I Wont Stay Sheltered And I Definitely Dont Need Some Gruff Bodyguard To Babysit Me.But Hes Hotter Than Hades A Tower Of Ripped Muscles He Lives With Me, Eats With Me, And Sleeps So Deliciously Close To Me.The Problem Im Sure Hes Straight Almost Positive Note To Readers This Is An Extra Spicy MM Romance, Heat Level 10 Readers Can Expect Several Steamy Scenes That Will Leave You Breathless.

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